Jose Manuel Fernandez Oli

Jose Manuel Fernandez Oli

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First Name * Jose
Last Name * Manuel Fernandez Oli
Username * olijosman
Country * USA
City White Plains
Nationality Spain
Languages Spanish





I was born in Cadiz (Spain, Europe) . Since I can remember, I have been fascinated for image and drawing. I studied Drawing and Painting at the Fine Arts School in Zaragoza (Spain), specializing myself on Illustration with top marks. I also studied Traditional Animation in Madrid, as I have always been really interested on images in motion. My professional experience started at the videogames sector, in which I have worked through 12 years in a direct way (in my own Company, Xpiral, and for several different Companies, i.e. Pyro Studios) as a Concept Designer and doing some specific collaborations nowadays. I am currently concentrated in the audiovisual sector, working as visual development artist in Blue Sky studios


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